Peak Course Details


Whatever your level we’ll make sure you have FUN and progress safely.

Take a look at the levels below, we call them Peaks, and decide which one you think suits you best. If you can’t make up your mind we are more than happy to talk it over with you. This is your holiday remember and it’s our job to make sure you get the most out of your time on the hill. Are group sizes are all limited to 6 people so you get the most out of your instructor

Peak 1

snowboardlessonsAh, your first slide! It’s time to discover what all the fuss is about. We’ll teach you about your equipment and get you on your feet. Once you’re up it’s all about mastering those edges to create grip and take control of your speed and direction. We’ll show you the techniques to turn and safely cover the mountain using those chairlifts in no time.

• Understanding your equipment and how to adjust it
• Turning from both edges down a variety of runs
• To understand basic body alignment and pressure control
• To get on and off chairlifts safely



Peak 2

DSC05454So you’ve done this before? You’re just about linking your turns together but things don’t feel quite right and when the going gets steep or too fast you come unstuck? It’s time to develop your movement over your board and create a greater awareness of your posture and inputs so you’re better at controlling the pressures you put through your boots and out to the corners of your board. We’ll have you starting to carve the hill and covering those dreaded flat spots!

• To build your confidence and develop a greater understanding of movements and their outcomes on different terrain
• To begin ‘tilting’ the board to enhance grip at different stages of the turn
• To begin playing with pressures that allow you to ‘Ollie’ and start getting off the groud
• To make the 15Km descent from ‘Top of the world’ in Parsenn to Klosters!




Peak 3

snowboarding peak3OK Mr and Mrs Snowboarder! So it’s time to raise your game is it? You’re covering the whole hill and starting to venture off piste when you spot the opportunity. Is the terrain park starting to look interesting? Well it’s time to sharpen up those edges and give you the skills you’ll need to safely take some air! Fancy learning a bit of switch riding and the finer points of ‘jibbing’ on the piste? Peak 3 is about developing the way you use your edges for ‘grip’ and ‘wash’ to allow the board to move more freely beneath you. From steep pistes to Boxes in the park and using natural jumps, we’ll equip you with the knowledge to charge hard and stay off your ass!

• Getting low and getting fast
• Small drops and a little air
• 180’s and 360’s on the piste
• introduction to the park and some of its features




Peak 4

DSC05554So it’s time to Summit! You don’t want too much structure when learning at this level. You need the freedom to ride hard and learn on the job. We’ll point out the hidden spots and take you to the natural half pipes as well as showing you the super ones! Fancy building a kicker somewhere, or maybe just session one in the park? The 4th Peak is about working with your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses and taking you to the limit, every hour of every session. Think of this as guided discovery to becoming an all mountain legend…

• To shred!
• To look back and say “I can’t believe I did that”
• To crack all the finer points of making it look stylish
• Make you think about giving up your day job









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