Davos Snowboard & Ski instructor

Whether it be waist deep powder on his board, head high waves under a kite or cloud topping madness with a paraglider … Stav likes to have Fun!! Not to be encouraged Stav has an unhealthy appetite for lifestyle sports and general mischief.

The early years were dedicated to windsurfing and managing high wind centreʼs for Neilson Holidays. In 2000 the evolution of kitesurfing was introduced to our shores so he dropped the old toys and invested in new. With the addition of teaching Snowboarding & skiing to his portfolio, Stav has a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained from working with so many sports.

All of this has eventually led to winters with Synergy and summers running his own kite surf school in Brighton called BN1 Kitesurfing.


Winter Season – BASI Snowboard & Ski Instructor

Summer Season – Kitesurf School Principle/Senior/Coach

Best thing to do on a snowboard?

I think Nicolas Muller said this … ʻStrap Inʼ


Always have a quiver of 3 whether it be Boards/Skis/Kites or ?

Camber or reverse camber:

Why choose one when you can have both in the same board?


Angles – REG Some where around +15 -15 and mixing it up a few notches to keep the legs guessing

Width – 56cm wide or more pending Piste or Pow

Favourite trick:

Anything that starts with Backside…

If not snowboarding, then what:

Waves, Flying & Films (with good company)

Other sports:

Paragliding, Surfing, Mountain Biking and generally having loads of fun